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JLG Painting is committed to seeing your dream through to the end. With over 15 years of experience in the painting industry, we can help you figure out what you can afford and get you the advice you need throughout the process.

JLG Painting

A Thorough, Complete Process

There are many times when a home owner has questions about the process of painting their house. There are preparation and painting procedures for a typical home that we follow, we have found over the years that following this process ensures that your home will be painted on time.

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  • Home owner selects all colors before work begins. Samples can be applied if requested. If the entire house needs priming, primer coat will be tinted to approximate color of finish coat color. This will allow homeowner a chance to see the color on the whole house

  • Home owner to close all windows and storm windows. If you are unable to do this due to physical or other reasons, we will make arrangements with you to get this step done.

  • Power wash complete exterior of home to remove all loose debris, any mold and mildew

  • We will tape or cover the exterior of all windows with plastic before we begin the sanding process

  • Caulk and putty holes, cracks, voids, etc., using only premium grade materials

  • Hand scrape and power sand/wash exterior of home

  • Make any minor carpentry repairs like nailing in loose shingles or moldings. These minor repairs are included in the contract price

  • Evaluate exterior and report to home owner any rotted or broken wood that needs replacing. If required, we will make necessary repairs based on a time and material rate or a firm price as agreed upon by home owner

  • Apply selected primer/sealer to entire home, if necessary, including all trim, shutters, soffets, etc.

  • Re-evaluate surface condition of home and, if necessary, sand, caulk and putty

  • Spot prime any re-sanded surfaces

  • Apply two coats of the selected exterior/interior paint

  • Remove all storm windows so exterior of windows may be painted. Home owner can do this or we can come into the home to remove. Any doors that need painting must be left open or ajar for approximately 4 hours to dry

  • Apply finish coat to all trim work including shutters, windows, doors, soffets, etc.

  • Give a final inspection of the home's surface condition and make any necessary final touch-ups

  • Consult with home owner to ensure satisfaction of "fit and finish"

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